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the canadian housing bubble makes california real estate - dr housing bubble blog focusing on real estate and investing, the evaporation of housing inventory what a continued - dr housing bubble blog focusing on real estate and investing, which is a better investment real estate or stocks - we ve got real estate tycoons and we ve got stock market tycoons we ve even got wealthy bond investors such as bill gross who pulls in over 100 million a year now that the markets have recovered from the financial downturn i d like to have an open discussion on which asset class provides the the most amount of wealth over the long run, insane bond stock and real estate markets mike maloney - related posts get totally out of stocks deflation coming charles nenner suicidal to stay in this market charles nenner the everything bubble mike mish shedlock, not cool greater fool authored by garth turner the - there comes a point at which people can t afford houses in toronto it could be here the new reality is most evident in the new house business, how real estate commissions work young and thrifty - when she said the word free i was a bit confused why on earth would a real estate agent take time out of their weekends to help someone find a place with no monetary compensation, desperation the troubled future of real estate - poor evan herewith his tragic story unfolds in four emails monday night urgent to garth i don t know how quickly you answer but tomorrow is the day i draft a purchase agreement for a house purchase, tech news analysis wall street journal - find the latest wall street journal stories on tech companies start ups and personal technology plus the latest reviews, california home sales volume lays low first tuesday journal - to set the stage for a forward look a review of sales volume in the recent past is helpful mid 2005 saw sales volume peak for all types of real estate in california with nearly 754 000 homes sold that year, i joined the tim sykes millionaire challenge beyond debt - tim sykes millionaire challenge update january 2018 i am still active in the market everyday however my thoughts and opinions have changed my original tim sykes millionaire challenge post can still be read below but my recommendations have changed over the years, business news personal finance and money news abc news - find the latest business news on wall street jobs and the economy the housing market personal finance and money investments and much more on abc news, what to do if you have a worthless degree return of kings - um no people doing premed who cannot do basic math don t get into md courses in the rest of the world where medicine is a 5 year undergraduate degree they don t get out of intermediate year, glossary of research economics econterms - box and cox 1964 developed the transformation estimation of any box cox parameters is by maximum likelihood box and cox 1964 offered an example in which the data had the form of survival times but the underlying biological structure was of hazard rates and the transformation identified this, money morning stock market news finance and investments - at money morning our aim is simple to give you intelligent and enjoyable commentary on the most important stock market news and financial information of the day and tell you how to profit from it, world predictions 2018 beyond jeanne mayell peace - 2018 19 jeanne mayell made these predictions some as far back as 2014 overview as democracy is being eroded an age of enlightenment is rising beneath the headlines, hp touchpad needs 6 to 8 weeks for additional shipments - your registration with eweek will include the following free email newsletter s news views, economic research federal reserve bank of san francisco - preliminary versions of economic research did consumers want less debt consumer credit demand versus supply in the wake of the 2008 2009 financial crisis, advisory board bwg strategy - bio jason oversees all real estate and leasing activity for towerco as well as being towerco s general counsel he has worked on numerous large and small scale tower acquisitions totaling over 19 000 towers during his long tenured career in the wireless business