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the canadian housing bubble makes california real estate - as the year comes to a close it is useful to put things into perspective sure california has a love affair with real estate and we go through our traditional booms and busts 700 000 crap shacks, this real estate bubble likely isn t a bubble the - this real estate bubble likely isn t a bubble 11 data driven reasons why you should buy your dream home immediately earlier this year i sat as an attendee at the wci conference also known as the physician wellness and financial literacy conference in park city ut i was approached by a physician attendee who recognized me and asked josh when will the real estate bubble pop, the evaporation of housing inventory what a continued - the 10 year treasury has crept up to 2 72 as i write this this is the benchmark rate for mortgage rate settings a 170bps spread between the benchmark and mortgage rates is about average which puts the 30 year mortgage at 4 42, which is a better investment real estate or stocks - we ve got real estate tycoons and we ve got stock market tycoons we ve even got wealthy bond investors such as bill gross who pulls in over 100 million a year now that the markets have recovered from the financial downturn i d like to have an open discussion on which asset class provides the the most amount of wealth over the long run it s important to realize there are no renter or cash, financial crisis of 2007 2008 wikipedia - summary subprime mortgage bubble the precipitating factor for the financial crisis of 2007 2008 was a high default rate in the united states subprime home mortgage sector the bursting of the subprime bubble while the causes of the bubble are disputed some or all of the following factors must have contributed, insane bond stock and real estate markets mike maloney - by greg hunter s usawatchdog com early sunday release financial expert mike maloney says what is going on in the economy is like a mass mental illness especially when you consider the geopolitical risks and extreme valuations across the board, let it burn greater fool authored by garth turner - when the us housing market croaked starting in 2005 it needed two years to bottom the entire american economy dove along with it house prices fell 32 on average and took a decade to recover, the coming meltdown in college education why the economy - 396 thoughts on the coming meltdown in college education why the economy won t get better any time soon pingback noted nba owner blasts college loans the college bubble well done article there are so many aspects i d like to respond to 1 the student loan take over by government nationalization was a bailout of sorts already, not cool greater fool authored by garth turner the - there comes a point at which people can t afford houses in toronto it could be here the new reality is most evident in the new house business the average price of a fresh home smelling of drywall compound paint glue and all that quality particleboard is now 1 223 million too much as a, how real estate commissions work young and thrifty - when she said the word free i was a bit confused why on earth would a real estate agent take time out of their weekends to help someone find a place with no monetary compensation on the other hand i love free things what personal finance blogger doesn t i had to get to the bottom of just how free this service actually was, disowned for being a millionaire why i still won t buy a - the following is a guest post by kristy from millennial revolution kristy and her husband have been all over the canadian news recently for denouncing homeownership they considered buying a toronto property in their late 20s when they realized they couldn t get anything nice for 500 000 instead of buying they saved as much as they could rode the bull market amassed a 1m investment, business news personal finance and money news abc news - find the latest business news on wall street jobs and the economy the housing market personal finance and money investments and much more on abc news, i joined the tim sykes millionaire challenge beyond debt - tim sykes millionaire challenge update january 2018 i am still active in the market everyday however my thoughts and opinions have changed my original tim sykes millionaire challenge post can still be read below but my recommendations have changed over the years, california home sales volume lays low first tuesday journal - 33 500 new and resale home transactions closed escrow in california during september 2018 the number of homes sold in september was a significant 14 lower than a year earlier amounting to 5 500 fewer sales, stocks part vi portfolio ideas to build and keep your - that s ok it s about to start today we re gonna look at the fun stuff what exactly can we use to build and keep our wealth i m going to give you three portfolios each using the tools funds we discussed last time, informationweek serving the information needs of the - when building and using autonomous and intelligent systems it s important to know they re behaving reliably because if things go wrong they can do so at scale fast, glossary of research economics econterms - box and cox 1964 developed the transformation estimation of any box cox parameters is by maximum likelihood box and cox 1964 offered an example in which the data had the form of survival times but the underlying biological structure was of hazard rates and the transformation identified this, what to do about this scary stock market mr money mustache - the reason to celebrate is that is a completely normal and healthy part of investing stocks have been on an almost uninterrupted climb since i started this blog in 2011 which may have given beginners an unrealistically rosy picture