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modern php new features and good practices 1st edition - modern php new features and good practices josh lockhart on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers php is experiencing a renaissance though it may be difficult to tell with all of the outdated php tutorials online with this practical guide, laravel up and running a framework for building modern - laravel up and running a framework for building modern php apps matt stauffer on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers what sets laravel apart from other php web frameworks speed and simplicity for starters this rapid application development framework and its vast ecosystem of tools let you quickly build new sites and applications with clean, introduction to modern technology media essay - published mon 5 dec 2016 modern technology has made the requirement for information flow to be quick and effective we have been able to achieve this through the internet the medium i e the internet has facilitated each of us by making the communication cheap and fast, php the right way - getting started use the current stable version 7 2 if you are getting started with php start with the current stable release of php 7 2 php 7 x adds many new features over the older 5 x versions the engine has been largely re written and php is now even quicker than older versions, hpc advisory council best practices - hpc advisory council best practices the hpc advisory council provides best practices that through experience and research have shown to improve clustering and applications productivity, what is web application architecture best practices - stackify was founded in 2012 with the goal to create an easy to use set of tools for developers now over 950 customers in 40 countries rely on stackify s tools to provide critical application performance and code insights so they can deploy better applications faster, foucault enlightenment and the aesthetics of the self - abstract in his late writings michel foucault submits enlightenment rationality to critical re appropriation as my analysis will point out foucault finds support for his re interpretation of kant s enlightenment thinking in the low modernity of charles baudelaire notably in his writings on dandyism and modernity, session management cheat sheet owasp - web authentication session management and access control a web session is a sequence of network http request and response transactions associated to the same user, mithras and jesus tertullian - see also mithras and christianity in certain sorts of literature the claim is made that jesus is merely a copy of mithras a series of statements are made about mithras born of a virgin had a last supper died resurrected etc which do make him seem identical